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company profile

Suzhou Industrial Park, Wuzhong Electric Manufacturing Co.

Suzhou Industrial Park Wuzhong Electric Furnace Mfg. Co., Ltd., specializes in producing and developing high-quality heat treatment industrial furnaces. Since its establishment in 1998, we adhere to our operational principle of “Cooperation,Concentration, Exploration and Innovation” to serve our customers.We wholeheartedly better the quality of our products and lower the cost of raw materials to make sure customers can enjoy our furnaces to their satisfaction. Based on our own technology, we have also put our effort into studying and absorbing advanced skills and management experience from home and abroad, such as Taiwan and Japan, and in this way the productivity has been greatly enhanced...

Product Center

product center
  • WZ-808 Computer program control system
  • WZ-814 Muffle wire-mesh belt furnace
  • WZ-813 Continuous isothermal normalizing furnace
  • WZ-812 Multi-purpose chamber furnace
  • WZ-811B Push rod type double row annealing furnace
  • WZ-811A Push rod type single row annealing furnace
  • WZ-810 Continuous Mesh-belt Conveyor & Gas controlled Heat- treatment Furnace(Gas burning heati
  • WZ-809 Well type electric annealing furnace

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中国 江苏省 苏州市 吴中区 甪直镇 合兴西路39号

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